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The Anxiety Map Programme

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The Anxiety Map Programme is a network of venues that have pledged to make reasonable adjustments to support those living with anxiety. From awareness training through to venue planning, AMP looks at using lived experience to inform and create change. Venues will be supported in an online network, where they can share best practice with other organisations, have access to online resources and be made aware of the latest training. 

The Anxiety Map Programme was born out of my experiences of living with a long term anxiety disorder. From my teenage years, I always knew I was 'different', I had excessive worries about many things and found myself fearful most of the time. It was when I went to university that I began to have regular panic attacks and found everyday situations very difficult to tolerate. My life grew smaller as I avoided any situation where I might feel anxious and I became socially isolated. Over time I began to rebuild my life by creating an 'anxiety map' of places and venues that felt safe to me and where I knew I would be met with a compassionate response should I begin to experience symptoms. Alongside professional support, I was able to go to more places using tools from my 'anxiety map' and knew that if symptoms came up, I would be able to find a space to deal with them and then return to my activity. 

I began to wonder about whether my 'anxiety map' could be shared with others and that's when I came up with The Anxiety Map Programme. AMP looks at how venues can create spaces where people living with anxiety to enable them to deal with symptoms and then return to whatever they were doing. By giving people the space to deal with and manage their anxiety, you give them the power to live their lives and engage with public spaces fully again. Creating spaces can include:

  • A quiet space where someone can sit and calm their breathing.

  • A glass of water.

  • Access to toilet facilities

  • Signposting to other venues that are also anxiety accessible

  • Staff trained in mental health awareness and anxiety accessibility


By becoming an AMP venue, you make a visible statement to your staff and visitors that you are an anxiety accessible venue and will make adjustments to support people living with anxiety to access the premises. Alongside support from AMP, you will join an online network of venues across your local area to share best practice and guidance. You will also have access to subsidised mental health and anxiety access training.

We are piloting training with organisations within Nottinghamshire in early 2024. Sign up if you would like to learn more and be one of the first organisations to work with AMP.

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